The Kingdom of the Wetlands Proudly Presents

March 3rd - 6th

Havast Ye Land Lovers,

     Attention all sea dogs, land rats, and scallwags, you are here informed that you are all welcome to attend the first annual Kingdom of the Wetlands Piratical Sabbatical. This truely will be an event to remember and should not be missed by any one. So what ever you did have planned for March the 3rd - 6th DROP IT and attend this event.

    Festivites to include Battle of the Bards, Roust the Rogues, Castle Battles, Breakfast, Feast by Sir Crom Ironwolf, Battlegames, Ditching, Merchants on-site, 21+ tent, Casino, childrens activities and more! What ever you do, do not miss this event.

    The event is located on a great site complete with castle, electricity, water hot/cold, showers, cloths washing machines, and more. This event will go down in the history books and make sure you are there to remember it and be able to say that you went to the first one ever. If you are a Bard and you want to prove that you are the best in all the lands now is your chance!

Signed by His Royal Hand
Lord Micah Helstaven esq.
King of the Wetlands

We would like to invite you and yours to join us for this great event. We are planning a grand castle siege, Bardic Competition, Wonderful Raider/Sir Crom Ironwolf Feast, great atmosphere and pompous affair, Nobel's Hat Lunch, live entertainment, and much much more!
Please click on the above links to get more information about this great event and we truly hope to see all of you there!

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